Pictures of our Field Trials

These are pictures of the annual field trial put on by the Umpqua Houndmen club of Roseburg, Or. This is a fun weekend with events for dogs, adults, and kids. There is raffles along with the competitions The field trial itself consists of qualifying heats of six dogs each to determine which cast they will run the finals in. The race is along a pre-set course upon which our 'dragboys' lay scent on the ground with a coon scent drag. Six dogs are then taken to the start line and turned loose. Near the end of the drag we have a line marked and our judges mark the color of ribbon the dog is wearing as it crosses the finish line. We also have tree judges at the tree to determine the order the dogs tree. The first two dogs across are in First Division, second two are Second Division, and last two are Third Division. In the finals the dogs only run against dogs in thier division. We hand out trophies for first line and first tree for all divisions.

We like to keep our camp grounds nice so we have contests for the kids who pick up the most garbage.

Our judges mark down the dog's color of ribbon as they cross the finish line.

This is our Master of Hounds, smile Jean!

Third Division is loaded into the pickup and ready to go run in the finals!

Our treeing contest is another fun event for the dogs. In this event a ten-foot circle is drawn around a tree. A coon in a cage is hooked to a pulley in the tree. The dog is led into the circle on a leash allowed to smell the coon. The dog is then led out of the circle while the coon is hoisted high into the tree. The dog is released and must go into the circle and tree for thirty seconds. The dog may not leave the circle at anytime or it is disqualified. While treeing three judges keep track of the number of pauses a dog has in treeing. The dog with the least number of pauses wins. If there is a tie there is a bark-off until someone wins.

Dad is catching Gonzo after he did a good job and got third in the treeing contest.

I am letting K.D. get a good smell of the coon before she begins to tree.

Squeak showed them how it was done and won first at the treeing contest.

Whitie is catching some air at the treeing contest.

All the trophies everyone can win during the trial.

Squeak and I with the trophy she won in the treeing contest.

I was trophy girl this year and handed the trophies to the winners.

Dad is holding on to Fig until the coon is pulled up the tree.